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Go Tournaments

Finally! The Cotsen, this year to be known as the “Cotsen Go Tournament and Pro Qualifier,” is set for April 28-29 at the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles’ Mid-Wilshire District (in California USA). The detailed arrangements are still being worked out, so you can’t register yet, but the date is set and the venue booked. The tournament will feature all elements of the previous Cotsen Tournaments… tough competition, Mr. Yang 7p, good prizes, cool trophies, neck massage and good food… but with two additional features this year. One is that the open section will choose at least one player to play in the AGA’s first ever Pro Certification tournament in North Carolina in August. The other is that, as a gift to the US go community, the KBA is sending a VIP delegation including either three or four professionals who will do simultaneous games, game reviews and commentary with the players.

I'm thinking this is going to be the best Cotsen ever!

Until the registration is set up, you can post questions here or email Andrew Okun.

More info here:

Also, see: for info on the Woodland Hills CA Go Group Tournament, March 10, 2012

For other US tournament info, see:
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